NfH–Feedback on the project “Beehives for the Guarani villages”

This is how it is when help really arrives where it should!

And this is why we want to share with you the letter we received to make sure you can see that our united effort at the NfH really can make a difference.

Bienen Waben NfH Projekt

This is merely an excerpt from the letter. The complete letter can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Dear Gabi Steiner, Dirk Jakobs and Executives of the NfH! We would like to thank you for the wonderful 2015 NfH Event held in Heilbronn/Germany which was a greatly enriching experience for us and certainly for all the participants. The wonderful presentations from Gabi Steiner, Dirk Jakobs and Jörg Löhr, peppered with humour and a lot of wisdom, made that day so lively that it seemed to pass in no time. As promised, Mrs. Steiner, we have attached a few photos of the “Honey House”.

As we mentioned in our previous letter, the prolonged rainy season kept on holding us up and we had to postpone our plans over and over again. Now, finally, the structure is almost finished. Due to the predetermined guidelines for the honey production, the building turned out bigger than expected. It will be possible to accommodate between 500 – 2,000 beehives!

The complete letter can be downloaded as a PDF file here…

Guarani Bienenstöcke Feedback