FY- Christa Scholl’s Success Story

Isn’t this a wonderful story?

Christa Scholl FY
“My name is Christa Scholl. I have two children and three grandchildren. After a brief marriage, I raised my children as a single mother while working full time. Any dreams had to be put on the backburner at that time. When my children moved abroad, one to the USA and the other one to Spain, I was only 50 years old. This is when I decided to go abroad myself. For 5 years I worked and lived in Mexico, Africa, India and Bangladesh.

When I returned to Germany in 2005, I met the love of my life. I retired early because this relationship was supposed to last forever. However, after 7 rollercoaster years, I ended up having to start over again. In 2013, at the age of 66, I was physically and emotionally exhausted and shocked because I was facing a life alone with a very small pension.

This is when Lifeplus came into my life. Concerned about my health, my son literally talked me into taking nutritional supplements. After two months of taking them, I no longer had to take a nap in the afternoons and I noticed a marked improvement in my joints and with my osteoarthritis. And then a friend of mine noticed that the wrinkles around my eyes had become smoother. This is when I ordered Discovery. For over a year now I have been feeling wonderful! I am so thankful to my son. At long last he was able to convince me that I could improve my pension with Lifeplus. I am looking forward to working together with him. Lifeplus has changed my life. I have no more aches and pains and have found a new joie de vivre!”