Gabi’s speech at the Spirit 2015 in Stuttgart

For all of you who took part in this event as well as for those who didn’t, the Spirit 2015 in Stuttgart was an amazing event! So much power! So many new as well as young leaders!

Traditionally the founders have made it their business to attend this event. Even after so many years the Spirit has not lost its ability to inspire me – actually just the opposite. It keeps giving me power and encouragement and I hope that that same spark has touched you as well.

One key word that day was “patience”, for example, when for many years family members just don’t want to know anything about this opportunity. It may simply need a little time. I have gone through this with my brother and my son. Today they are both successful and enthusiastic.

Here is my speech in German which I traditionally make at the end of this very special day:

At the same time, regarding the subject of “Spirit”, I would like to share both versions (German and English) of “our song” for the NfH.

As many of my team members know, after the Spirit there is a special Leaders’ Day.
Since we have come here to spend a wonderful weekend with the founders of Life Plus, let’s take advantage of all this enthusiasm!

There was a great atmosphere and not just because it was by far the biggest Leaders’ Day that we have ever hosted.

What makes me especially happy and thankful is that, once again, we were able to see that we could achieve something great and wonderful together and thus make our success a gift to others.

There are now these two videos of a very special song available in German and English for all of you who were not able to take part – as well as for those of you who were there. I am aware that I am using the word “special” quite often because it simply is. We offer very special opportunities for very special people – you – and we can create something very special!

This song was written especially for the NfH.eV to specifically support people in need in Nepal.

Guess how many CDs were sold? 5,000, yes, exactly 5,000 CDs!

The entire proceeds of these 5,000 CDs were given to the NfH – Nepal – Aid and this donation arrived directly where it was needed.

Who can say that what we are doing is nothing special?

Become inspired by the pictures taken on this day and by the song that carries so much heart and soul!

“Our song” for the NfH, German version, English version

English version

German version