From Person to Person 2 – Story and first series of feedback

One day – years after writing my first book – I felt prompted to write a second book based on my first one but providing additional knowledge from my experiences gained from over 20 years in this industry:

“From Person to Person 2”

For a long time I have been thinking about how the entire team could benefit and, at the same time, how my life’s work could be perpetuated. In the end, it should be the goal of every networker to make themselves redundant.

I wrote this book for all of you to make sure that you can always benefit from my wealth of knowledge. What I sincerely hope is that you find everything you need on your journey to become a leader.

I received so much feedback on my book! Incredible! I am very impressed and I would like to share some of the comments with you.

Quote by Julie:

“No chapter is the same. It is structured to continuously provide inspiration, facts and instructions that can be duplicated and all of it is written with soooo much sincerity and enthusiasm! I wish it had been like that back in my school days: EVERY SINGLE chapter contains so many “tools” for our daily work and for the encouragement of our collective intelligence!
Thank you, dear Gabi, for being who you are: a real “hands-on woman”, who wrote a second book “just like that” and which, I feel, reflects your deepest wish to bring out the best in us.”

Quote by Än:

“The Bible of referral marketing”

Quote by Peter:

“…actually it’s crazy. Your book has some sort of magnetic force. No day passes by without me referring to it, and it will somehow make me think of a similar situation that happened during that day. That is the most valuable thing for me about this book. It’s a workbook, a “blueprint” for dealing with situations that you encounter during your daily work.
This book will shake up the professional circles. It will turn into a bestseller, no doubt about it.
228 pages, compactly written, with a lot of passion. This book contains all we need to be successful. Initial print run of 125,000 copies, any questions?”

From the initial print run there are already 110,000 copies sold. I am not saying this to pat myself on the back. I am deeply touched by how much confidence you have shown in me. I am sure that it will give each one of us a boost. I am still looking forward to your comments!

And at the end some detailed feedback from Werner, which makes me happy and encourages me even more:

Quote from Werner:

“Hi boss!
It’s about time for me to give you my feedback on your new book. Since I have a little bit of interest in music, I would like to use this genre to give my thoughts a bit more depth.
Let me compare your first book to Beethoven’s 1st symphony. Just like back then when a new star was rising on the music scene and when a new era of classical music was beginning, similarly, with your first book, “From Person to Person”, you started a revolutionary new way of working in our business!
However to compare your second book “just” with Beethoven’s 2nd symphony would be an understatement. Besides I am not sure if you are planning on writing another 7?
Just as Beethoven’s 5th is, for so many, THE SYMPHONY, for me this book is THE NETWORKING BOOK! It is extraordinary and outstanding! And you can take the comparison further because there is a Beethoven’s 9th as well!
In the musical sense, by the way, it is not a symphony but rather a multi-coloured versatile collection of different musical pieces.
I do not know any other book that gives so much hands-on advice and practical details that you just need to implement. It is not simply a collection of theoretical comments but an unrivaled treasure of experiences, especially since you have experienced each and every chapter in your daily life 100 times over.
Although I have a few years less experience in this wonderful business, I can say that I have read quite a few networking books.
One can clearly feel that you not only LIVE everything but ARE what you are writing about… and with every single fibre – maybe even every single chromosome!
Dear Gabi, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for preparing the way for us in such an extraordinary way and for providing everything to make success so easy for us to duplicate.
You have created a unique work, in which you remain humble and decent at any given moment – despite your tremendous success – and where you provide your reader with a simple and unpretentious offering, as is your way.
Now it remains in the hands of the reader to discover for themselves the value of this work and to pick out and share its treasures with as many people as possible! I wish everyone lots of success!
From the bottom of my heart, Werner!