Events and Fun

Basic Training

In Majorca and of course in Germany, I meet new partners and executives at regular training sessions. Wherever I am needed – or to put it more figuratively – wherever there is “smoke”, I love to start a fire.

Majorca – Active Week

Once a year we organise an activity-packed week in Majorca for our teams. Our American founders share these moments with us accompanied by our European management from the United Kingdom. They leave their suits and ties at home and just enjoy evening picnics on the beach in Santa Ponsa.

The Spirit of Lifeplus

This is a very special event that, in May of each year, attracts thousands of partners, executives and friends of Lifeplus to the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin. They all meet up to celebrate an interesting and successful year and to develop new plans, strategies and goals for the future.


Every year in the spring, Lifeplus invites its diamond executives from all over the world to a spectacular incentive: the legendary cruise through the Caribbean.

Never blame the circumstances, they are the same for everyone. Never blame the economy, politics, the weather, fate, or even your partner. Attitude alone determines whether we succeed or fail.