Majorca – Active Week

Network marketing is like a motorway in the fog. You drive 100 meters and only then you see the next stretch.
Each year, we organise an activity-packed week in Majorca for our teams. Our American founders share these moments with us together with our European management from the United Kingdom. They leave their suits and ties at home and just enjoy evening picnics in jeans, linen shirts and sneakers on the beach in Santa Ponsa. During the day we attend training sessions about health, personal development, team building and team support. We organise catamaran trips, go snorkelling and hiking together or just hang out at the beach and enjoy BBQs. There is enough time and the opportunity to get to know each other for meaningful interaction and, of course, for exchanging experiences.
Active Week is a time for soothing the soul, sharing exciting conversations, making new friends and for looking at those things that determine our daily lives from a different perspective…

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“There is good food!”
Whenever I think about this funny remark, it makes me laugh out loud. A team partner who was a guest in our house for the first time for the 2009 Active Week, told me that before the invitation she hadn´t a clue what this was all about. She had just been told one thing, “There is always good food” – Actually, whenever we have team partners in our house, we fire up the outdoor grill and prepare a delicious salad buffet. And the parties at Lissy´s (my firstline) and Werner´s house are legendary. Whoever has been a guest in their home will book their flights for the following Active Week two years in advance. Guaranteed.

Every team partner is welcome to come to Active Week, no matter what qualification level they have reached at this point. And our partners do take advantage of this inspiring occasion. During this week in October, Santa Ponsa could be easily renamed “Life-Plus-City”.