Clothes for a good cause

Over the past few weeks I have repeatedly auctioned off some of my clothes on Facebook. In most cases I wore them at an event or reception. Interest has been huge, probably because people assumed they still carried a little energy from the numerous stars in them.

The proceeds will be donated to the association

On the occasion of our active week last September, I brought some pieces from my wardrobe to the party where they were auctioned off that very same evening. I can tell you, it was a lot of fun!!!

At one point I was holding a black jacket with white hearts in my hand. It was a size 40 and very much sought-after. I had chosen Anna as my model. In no time we had two or three bids. Then our Anna, who had lost 50 kg herself, bid €100 and, all of a sudden, there was silence. Nobody continued bidding because everyone felt that the jacket was meant for her. Anna jumped for joy when she got the piece she so much longed for.

The photo that was taken at that very moment speaks louder than a 1,000 words. That’s pure joie-de-vivre!
Anna mit Jacke _n

Photo of Anna with jacket

It was hot that night, almost 30º C, but Anna danced the whole evening without ever taking off the jacket.

The next dress will be auctioned off. I wore it to the recognition event in Hannover…I am very excited to see what happens.

Here you can see it: I am surrounded by amazing dresses from Surinam.
Gabi mit den Surinam