A Seminar with Brian Tracy

A Seminar with Brian Tracy

Gabi Steiner, B. Tracy
On October 11th 2014, I attended a seminar with Brian Tracy.

When it comes to goals and time management, he is the world´s leading life coach. Some of the 56 books he has written are in my bookcase and over the past 20 years I have often quoted him in my seminars. Many of my most important insights are from him. And we like to use his audiotape “The Answer” to arouse interest.

I was delighted that he agreed with me on many things: for example, that emails don´t work. ☺

Here are a few quotes that really inspired me:

“Successful people think about what they want and unsuccessful people think about what they don´t want.”

We’ve all come across that, haven’t we? ☺

“Take a decision and work on it every day”

“Plan your day and start every day with 30 minutes of positive input.”

(a good book or a call…?)

And, last but not least, I would like to share this sentence with you because, to me, it is extremely important, especially in our industry:

“Learn from the experts – learn from the experts, from the successful who are already at the point where you want to be. You don´t live long enough to learn everything by yourself…”

You know, the motorway in the fog…