Share the happiness

I see it as a personal obligation not to take for granted the happiness in my life. I am very thankful that my company “found” me in 1998. In those days, I was going through a tough time in my life. From many personal experiences, I know that the positive energy you radiate always comes back to you in a positive way. This is why, when my good friend Dirk Jacob suggested to me a few years ago to found the association Networker for Humanity (NfH) together with friends from the same business, he was able to count on me immediately. I have been supporting different charity organisations ever since. For this reason, I was asked to help the NfH get off the ground. I am one of the founder members and the Deputy Chairperson – and very proud about it.

What is the NfH?
The NfH is a non-profit association domiciled in Heidelberg/Germany. The director, project manager and founder members all work on a voluntary basis. Since its foundation over seven years ago, Networker for Humanity eV (registered association) has supported numerous projects and thus the association has helped many people in need. The projects range from helping poor children in Cape Town, Brazil and India as well as projects for the elderly, Montessori installations and one particular project with which I became personally involved. I visited the children’s reception centre in the Katmandu region in Nepal myself. The specialist media reported on it in detail – which made me very happy for the lasting good for all the NfH projects!