The art of growing younger

I am a firm believer that you owe it to yourself to live the best time of your life!
For me this includes physical fitness and mental health, to be able to laugh with others, to participate in sports and to fill my time with things that are really important to me.
For me, this is freedom and I wish the same for all of you!

Maybe to some, “The art of growing younger…” may sound a little presumptuous. I know that we cannot stop the natural course of life, but that is not what I
really want to do.

Nature, however, has provided us with so much, it should enable us to feel young for longer and to live an active and fulfilled life.

Those who know me know that I love to cook, I like to surround myself with beautiful things, and I love to share all of this with other people. Things like that keep us mentally fit as well.

For me a healthy body is naturally beautiful because it radiates from within, no matter how many fashion magazines try to dictate to us what is beautiful and what is not.

Since it is in my nature to be curious, I have always been interested in the human body. Even today, I read almost everything I can find on the subject and I provide my body with all the nourishment it needs on a daily basis.

This is what I understand by the art of growing younger. I have been working at it for years and I am deeply grateful that I can have confidence in my partner company, Life Plus, in everything it does, and in all that it researches and develops for us.

I am proud at how much effort the company puts into research in order to create the best formulations for healthy products to take care of our bodies from both inside and out. In 2010, when Life Plus re-formulated an already established product, it took a giant leap forward which caused a real stir.
This product supports the natural regeneration of the skin from within. I was excited about it before but, with the new formulation, we really wanted to know how it worked so we launched a contest! Soon word got around and at the end we had almost 600 participants!

My brother Andy, who manages my company in the background and who was responsible for the contest, kept sending me “before and after” photos which blew me away every time.
Naturally, the photos had not been taken by professionals. Sometimes they could not really be compared because they were not always taken in the same light. Sometimes the perspective had changed, the hairstyle was different, there were issues with light and shadow, or simply the quality of the resolution left much to be desired. In actual fact, we would have had many more results, however for the purpose of judging, they tended to be overlooked as there was just too much of a difference in the conditions under which they had been taken – which does not, however, take away from the amazing results. The only drawback was that these photos got fewer votes from the judges. Having said this, it does not stop me showing them to you, together with the winners.

To see the results and their moving stories please click on


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