I am sure there is the right moment for everything. For me one of these moments was the year 2010. Looking back I become so excited I don’t know where to start…

The beginning: The new formulation of our product FY Skin Formula. In 2010 my company added Hyaluronic Acid to this product. How ingenious! In theory I knew that this would be very beneficial for us and since I am a curious person I wanted to have proof – I wanted to be able to see it! This is why I started a photo contest together with many other team members. Almost everyone took the anchor products plus the new product. However some participants just took FY Skin Formula. We asked everyone for photos after 4, 6 and 8 weeks because together we wanted to observe how their appearance changed. The result: I received hundreds of before and after photos. Here you can see a small selection of them. The changes are really amazing!

With only one klick through the gallery you will see even more success results with FY. With one klick further more directly at one pic you will see all of them in a bigger iframe.


With one button-klick you get some background-stories about FY more in detail (some are only available in German, but you can see the results in the pictures.)

Sandra Hutniki: we decided to extend the date of the deadline and the winner was Sandra. With these amazing photos, which were taken after 5 and 11 months we can all understand why.



Elke Bauwens: these photos show the area around the eyes after seven weeks of taking the products.

2-erBild FY

She really went through a great deal of trouble to document the changes – after 7 weeks and after 6 months:

Elke vorher-nachher

The highlight was a big award ceremony party in the Schwabenlandhalle in Stuttgart!
Enjoy this wonderful video that shares the highlights of this day – the final award winning ceremony in the Schwabenlandhalle. After all the photos I received to see these women live and radiant was and still is indescribably beautiful.