Life Plus


An opportunity to discover a new way of life, to define your own quality of life and to turn it into a reality together with others…

Referral Marketing


A compilation of a television broadcast by World Trade Centre TV. Nurture relationships, understand the flow of goods and recognize that referral marketing can be a life-changing concept.

Gabi Steiner about herself


Gabi Steiner in a private interview about herself with coach Dirk Jakob. What does Gabi Steiner like to eat, what values are important in her life, which personalities have inspired her? A talk by the pool with brief and humorous insights into the life of Gabi Steiner.

Referral Marketing made simple


How are goods moved from the manufacturer to the end consumer in the traditional way? And how by referral marketing? A quick demonstration, using 4 items everyone can relate to, that explains what the differences are, and how active referrers can benefit and build up a second income.