My Goal

Don Failla put it at the time:

“Imagine that the instalments on your house and your car are paid and that you would earn 5,000 Deutsche Marks per month, regardless of whether you get out of bed or not”

This was my goal in 1999, when I first got started with referral marketing: 5,000 Deutsche Marks were a lot of money in those days and I would have settled for it to have an enjoyable life with Wissi.

Wissi and I were aware of the value of quality of time together. We had a clear vision that we did not want to work until age 65 and then only have a few years left to enjoy each other´s company.
Our goal was TO BE FREE to stop working by age 50 and to be able to spend as much time as possible with each other doing all those things we enjoy.
I could have stopped working a long time ago. For years my monthly income has been far in excess of my previous annual income and we can decide where we like to live.
We feel in many places of the world at home and enjoy our lives there.
Actually all goals were achieved.
BUT – I would not be myself if I were not constantly searching for new challenges.

At the beginning of 2010 when I thought about how I could improve my English, once again, fate played into my hands.

One day in August 2010, I accidentally sat next to a doubles partner after a tennis match. She confided to me that she had a serious problem. She was going through a divorce and was desperately looking for a job, something that is well nigh impossible in Majorca as a single mother with little Spanish.

Now I was faced with a dilemma! Actually I had the PERFECT solution for her!
However, I was very aware of what would happen once I explained to her about the business I was involved in…

  • First of all, I would have to make her successful if she decided to start, otherwise I would lose face at the tennis club.
  • I would have to speak to her friends in English, although English is not my mother tongue.
  • Majorca is a microcosm of society, it seems to me, when I stay there, so a new team, in fact an international team, would soon spread to other countries due to the simplicity of referral marketing. Even for me as a leader in this business, this represented a huge challenge!
What can I tell you? I decided to help her and threw all the “ifs” and “buts” overboard. I gave her my book and promised to support her as much as I could.
Today, not only do I have new friends in England, but I am making friends all over the world!
Our English website is now available and, thanks to the “before and after” photographs competition, we have plenty of visual aids at our disposal – a blessing and a huge advantage for work on an international level – what an INGENIOUS TOOL!