My 5-Point Way of Working

I am often asked: “How do you make people curious about your business opportunity?

Actually, I’ve never really thought about it. I let my intuition dictate what I say. It always depends on the situation. I began to realise that there were five points which I KEPT REPEATING over and over again. These 5 points cover all the subjects I normally talk about and the topics that arouse the most interest. I would like to emphasise that it doesn’t matter which point you start with. I will tell you now in a very simple way how I do it. You will find these tools right here on my website. And, as I said before, don´t worry, the order in which you make the points doesn’t matter.

Point 1 – Our shopping centre

The distribution system, which can be easily explained with the shopping centre analogy, is ALWAYS a good topic to get a conversation going. This is the best way to get across the simplicity of the concept: the money that is saved by shortening the distribution chain is distributed to those who recommend the products.

Point 2 – Before and after photos

Let´s say I am having a conversation with a lady of my age. In this case I would show her our SLIM AND BEAUTIFUL RESULTS (I would say: Anti-Aging and Weight-loss Results).

However, what happened recently is absolutely amazing: when we promoted our (german) team-cookbook for the Metabolic Reset, people starting sharing their personal stories in the comments of the post. It got over 18.000 shares and more than 3.000 stories (we do have more than 100.000 successful participants with the Reset). And, of course, we have many brilliant stories from the English speaking countries, so we simply started our STORY POST and already so many people have posted their experiences in the comments. It’s absolutely amazing!

Just have a look at the comments – this is an incredible collection of personal stories! And they are so easy to use in a conversation.

Not only that, ANYBODY understands a photo, no matter WHICH LANGUAGE they speak – the positive changes in the photos speak for themselves.

Point 3 – International business

This leads me straight to the next point: the opportunity to build your own international business. Today our company is a worldwide network spanning 64 countries. In this instance, I like to refer to the multi-lingual excerpts of my book on my website. My German book has been translated into English, French, Italian, Turkish and Spanish. Excerpts in eight other languages are also available as free downloads. I like to show these excerpts especially because many people have friends and acquaintances in other countries.

And a special highlight is our free website for Lifeplus associates. The website of our partner company, Lifeplus, is an INTERNET SHOP and is available to ANYONE who has a PIN. This is a fantastic tool – we can work with it in 64 countries and in many different languages. People are usually very impressed when, at the touch of a button, I can show them the product information in Japanese, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish or English.

Point 4 – Independent tools

When I talk to interested people, they will often ask me about particular illnesses. In fact, our independent tools can answer all of those questions. And what is so great is that the answer comes from an independent person, from someone who knows the subject very well. Input from a third party is actually essential, especially when it comes to family and friends. And furthermore, anyone can give a book as a reference and therefore does not have to study everything for themselves.

Here you can find our independent tools:

Or for example via amazon, these two books are especially recommended:

1. Vitamins. Life´s hidden miracle
2. Arginine, OPCs and pH-Balance

Point 5 – Training System

I am very proud of our training system. In German it is called “DiMiDo” It stands for Dienstag/Mittwoch/Donnerstag i.e. Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday: every Tuesday morning at 8.30 am several leaders will talk about their road to success, how they built up their teams, their strategies and much more. On Wednesdays at 9.00 pm we have leaders who will talk about their experiences in reference to wellness, weight loss, illness prevention and beauty and then every Thursday I write about my reflections on current events – my thoughts of the week. In our English Member Area you will find numerous calls from leaders of our international team who talk about business strategies, success formulas, wellness, weight loss, illness prevention and beauty as well. Furthermore you will find interviews with experts on nutrition and much more.

This way, everybody has the possibility of “filling their backpack” with inspirational stories. I am pleased that we have a multi-line way of working – this is something unique in the industry and I am very proud of it.

To experience first hand how this knowledge leads to a partner´s “light bulb moment” still fascinates and touches me even today…