We are all nothing but consum

You have to ask yourself this question: Do you still earn money even if you’re not working? If your answer to this is “no”, then you’re trapped like the other 99% who work.

Did you ever wonder what it takes for a product to reach a customer? The traditional way of distribution that we all know is through retailers. The product is moved from the producer to a wholesaler, then to a distributor and on again to a retailer before it finally reaches the customer.

Whether we are talking about direct sales or classic network marketing, products are purchased directly from the producer and resold to the customer. Very often this requires an investment as regards storage and promotion of the products.

Our concept is fundamentally different from the other types of distribution because the company delivers the products directly to the customer –upon recommendation only!

We are all nothing but consumers who tell other people about our experiences – or the experiences of others.

The Company is actually the one who sells…

What do you do when you see an exciting movie? You tell your friends. What do you do after you’ve had a delicious lunch at a restaurant? You tell your friends. Right?

That´s exactly what we are doing as well!