Gabi, today I want to take the opportunity to say thank you for your power, your drive and your vision. I am proud to have turned from a mere stone into one of your sparkling diamonds. This must have required the patience of a Saint! ☺ Thank you! Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts for your 11th star diamond. You have our greatest respect and Mom is more than a little proud of you!

– Andy Steiner

Thank you Andy, this is very touching! I also congratulate Gabi from the bottom of my heart and I am sooooo happy for you all! Naturally I am proud to be Gabi´s 4th level! With love – Ulrike.

– Ulrike Martin

Hi Andy – from a small stone to a diamond, that´s excellent ☺! Gabi is incredibly important to our overall success although many do not recognise this. ANY company would consider itself very fortunate to have an executive like her among its ranks, someone who truly lives the business! Not only do I admire her for being an inspiration to her team and the LifePlus Community, but also her commitment, her affection and friendship, which she shares so generously with us. She is “one in a million”.

– Dirk Jakob

Wow… I am deeply touched. Gabi, when you read this, I’ll be crying. As you like to say, if anybody could win first prize for crying, it would be me! ☺ I am so happy for you…But I told that you anyway! Dirk you are so right! Gabi is truly a very special person. She absolutely deserves it…11 stars and more!

– Heike Udhardt

Dear Andy, how wonderful☺ Credit and honour where credit and honour are due. I would like to join you in your appreciation for Gabi! Thank you, thank you, thank you Gabi! ♥

– Inka Marie Wübbena

You know I love you anyway, Gabi!

– Anita Mundhaas

What a blessing that Gabi started with Lifeplus in Germany. This has given so many families a future. And EVERYBODY is happy. Your mom has all the reasons in the world to be proud of you. I really ask myself how it must feel for a mother to have such a successful daughter. MAGNIFICENT! Your brother has a new life… THANK YOU Andy for your comments!!! So many people have been blessed with a unique quality of life – including us! THANK YOU Gabi for your continuous engagement, your steadfastness, your never-ending energy and your unbeatable sense of humour! You are one of a kind!!!! THANK YOU :o) !!!

– Isolde Baumann

There is nothing else to say. All we can do is bow.

– Andreas ODell

THANK YOU Andy for these touching words… THANK YOU Gabi for your tireless commitment, from which we benefit even as sidelines…and THANK YOU to my former employer: had I not lost my job, I would not have been open to the gem, Lifeplus. You are the greatest gem of all… 😉

– Barbara Gysin

Dear Gabi, my infinite THANKS TO YOU as YOUR first star and you can rest assured they will never end! Thanks to you my/our dear sponsor, our lives have turned into a high point! The opportunity you gave me by telling me about Lifeplus was unique and has enriched my life so much! I think nobody is more delighted at your 11th star than me as I know the tremendous price you sometimes pay because, where there is success, jealousy is right around the corner. It is my greatest wish that jealousy disappears in our ranks because it would release so much more positive energy! Your sense of humour and ingenious analogies, coupled with your Swabian dialect, make you one of a kind as a leader!!! What else can I wish you? Maybe that you take more breaks to make sure we can enjoy you for as long as possible. From the bottom of my heart, Yours Lissy

– Lissy Schütt- Nothdurft

Dear Andy – that´s so beautiful and so “unSwabian” – (the Swabians have a saying “no complaint is praise enough”) but you found such wonderful words and I love the way this community shares its thoughts, which anywhere else, would probably be what people are feeling but never actually putting into words – let alone writing them down. Thank you for this marvellous “culture”!

– Elke Hamann

You could not be a greater role model. You are always there for us when we need you and you have the sensitivity to show us when something isn´t working. The videos and explanations in the Member´s Area are brilliant. Thank you Gabi.

– Wally Buecken