Basic Training

At regular training sessions for example in Majorca and Germany, I meet new partners. Wherever I am needed – or to put it more figuratively – wherever there is “smoke”, I love to start a fire, so every six to eight weeks I host a 2-day seminar on “my island” Majorca with approximately one hundred participants. These are always amazing. After work, we enjoy activities together like hiking, boat rides or BBQs at my house in Santa Ponsa.

Never blame circumstances, they are the same for many people. Never blame the economy, politics, the weather, fate, or even your partner. Attitude alone determines your success or failure.

It is always a wonderful experience to meet new people, to get to know them better and to appreciate what they have to offer. It is such a pleasure to see them grow and develop on a personal level and I love to support them as much as possible in seminars and workshops. When I see that the spark of passion has ignited in them and they start working according to their own talents and pace, then I am very proud. Perhaps over time a rough diamond will turn into a precious gem.

FIND OUT what the other person wants and help them to achieve it.
Bursting with motivation! Each seminar is quite different. Everyone has a story. Participants touch and challenge me in a positive way as they share with us their personal experiences. My goal is always to motivate these partners to go the extra mile down that exciting road that passion and unerring commitment can take them. I feel personally committed to pass on every piece of information and experience that will enable my partners to realise their dreams, visions and goals.