Anual Cruise

A goal is a dream with a date.

Every year in the spring, Lifeplus invites its diamond executives from all over the world to a spectacular incentive: the legendary cruise through the Caribbean.
Starting in Miami, the seven day trip takes you to the pristine beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean. It is more than just a “reward”. It is a sincere thank you from our company to our executives who have worked hard in the past year and who now celebrate their success together!

Before we go further. Just take a look at this video, created during the cruise 2014 and be happy with us!.

Past trips on the Norwegian Pearl have taken us to all kinds of secluded beaches and dream island destinations, from St. Thomas and St. Barth’s, to Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios. During these seven days, we go ashore many times. We enjoy elegant dinners and we share sporting activities such as swimming with dolphins and fun boat trips. Just like with the Active Week or at the Spirit of Lifeplus in Berlin, we take advantage of this time for meetings, training sessions, discussions with the founders and, of course, to make new friends!

No matter whether someone thinks he can do it or not – he is always right!
Like wonderland
During the 2012 cruise, I was honoured, humbled and delighted to be the Special Guest. With 200 sq m, my cabin was enormous. It featured a roof terrace with a private pool and our personal butler made Wissi and me feel a little bit like we were in wonderland…