I wanted to find out more and what I experienced touched and, at the same time excited me, because I saw that I could help. Vietnamese women in rural areas, who had been left by their husbands or whose husbands had died, were marginalised, a situation they could rarely escape from. This project helps the women to raise their own pigs with monetary and in-kind donations (link flyer). I call this project the “swine project”. I was very moved by the fate of these single mothers because, in a way, it reminded me a little of my early life; I also could understand how difficult it was for them emotionally. These women, however, live in significantly worse conditions than I ever did in those days. I always had possibilities and prospects. In moments like this, it becomes clear to me how many things I should be thankful for in my life. I wanted these women to have prospects – prospects that would give them the strength and courage to look to the future. I could see right away that the project was well thought out, not only because the women would get support, but also because they had a challenge. With this project, they would be able to get the help needed to help themselves and, finally, the downward spiral would come to an end. In this way, the women had financial means, the support and courage to keep working towards a better future and greater security for their children!

When we held the gala, my brother, Andy, who from the bottom of his heart wanted to support the project, donated the entire proceeds from that event. I then added a substantial amount. I informed the NfH about this charity and, frankly, it is wonderful and amazing to see how one thing leads to another and how we could really make a difference there!

We were full of joy to see how “Courage” was able to help directly with auctions and, indirectly, through the fund-raising of the NfH.

Of course, it is a personal joy for me to be able to accomplish so much together with my brother. Those who know our Life Plus story, know that this had not been the case for many years because he only joined me in the business much later, after watching his big sister with critical eyes for quite some time to find out what she was doing. Sometimes I tell our story at an event. This is also part of our Life Plus life. Now, together, we can commit ourselves to helping others on a larger scale.

There is so much help needed in the world. I do not want to feel paralysed by it, but I want to help wherever I see that a project for the people can be supported in a sensible and sustainable way.

I would like to help by donating personally or by appealing to my network to have a look at a certain project, or by presenting it as a bigger project to the NfH. These are the many small steps that, in the end, can make a huge difference.